Start 10-27-09 - Finished 10-31-09
Much to my wife's dismay, the Haunted Mansion is creeping into other rooms in the house. This is the only BIG project that will find it's way out of the room. It just seemed a natural location since this is the hallway that leads to The Haunted Mansion Room. I finished just in time for Halloween! The heads were given to me by Disney artist, James Lopez. He is an amazing artist and sculpture. Thanks James!
Latest project - Staring Statues install. Hallway wall prior to start. Cutting drywall openings.
       Installing lights and switch. Wife decides she wants them to have a curved top. One days work becomes 5 days work!
    Close up of finished Staring Statues.
              Bought a resin cast replica, of the serpent door handle, on E-bay. A friend of mine had a friend of his cast it in solid bronze. Really finishes the door off. Thanks, Dave!!
May 2013
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