I needed to construct a shelf 7' off the flower for the upper level of the Haunted Mansion display. This would be for the graveyard scene and the front brick columns and gate with the 3 hitchhiking ghosts. The shelf it tied into was already there, up over the closet. That is where the graveyard scene is. Got it built, drywalled and textured to match the rest of the house and it is now time to move on to other projects.
Painting, wallpaper and building the window ledge and wall light boxes. The blue stripped wallpaper is the closest we could come to the original stretching room wallpaper.
Applying the vinyl cutouts. My wife is painting the eyes with glow in the dark paint to add an eerie effect under blacklight. Building the columns with MDF and real brick veneer. They weigh over 100 lbs. each!
This shows the closet doors before modifying. After mounting the door over the original sliding door with a piano hinge down one side and spaced off of each door with 1 x 2's to create an interior pocket. The Interior shot showing 1x2 buildup. Layout of boxed pin sets to go on inner closet door.
Framwork in place................Framework painted & pins in place........Detail of rotating right column and scary face molding...Crown and dentil molding.
More column detail.................................My wife did a faux wood grain finish on the door...................Replica antique dragon handle, door sliding and pin door opening.
Pin door opened all the way to 90 degrees and close up of some pins on outer door.
Upper level shelf with photos in place......Night shot shows glow-in-the-dark moon and if you look close you can see the eyes glowing on the wallpaper.
Showing upper graveyard and lower bookcase from different angles. Hat box ghost and Madame Leota projection.
Coming into the HM Room from the hallway. HM Plaque on right and mirror on left reflecting Stretching Room Portrait....Bookcase with collectibles.
Motorized 92" projection screen for viewing HM ride through and movies....Stretching Room tapestries and entry door with Dead End sign.
But wait! What about the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay? It is that time of the year, afterall!!
Stretching room Stained Glass Plaques.
Plaque changes on the entrance posts. Wreath on the door. Jack looks like this now....But, he will look like this soon.
My wife is making Jack's Sandy Claws suit.
As of 11-22-09 Jack has his Sandy Claws pants and fur topped leather boots.........my wife has made the pattern for the jacket.....12-01-09 and here he is!
Complete with real leather belt and brass buckle............Happy Holidays everyone!!
After collecting all 4 of the Stained Glass Stretching Room plaques, I had an idea that they would look a lot better if they were backlit to accent the stained glass effect. I started researching LED lighting because it is small, flexible, low voltage and does not generate a lot of heat. The following is how I went about lighting the plaques.
I started out building a wooden frame out of 1 x 2 poplar. The frame had to be strong and straight and poplar is a very good choice in those regards.

Why the frame work? You need something to mount the lights to and to space it away from the wall to allow the light to bounce of the wall and through the stained glass. In my case it also serves as a platform to apply the blue stripped wallpaper to that matches the lower level wall. You'll see!
I then mounted 3/4" plywood where the plaques would hang. Everything is drilled, glued and screwed together to give the frame strength.
I made a paper pattern the size of the stained glass opening (created from the back of the plaque). I added 1/2" to the diameter to allow the LED strip to set back into the frame so that it would not be seen looking through the front of the stained glass. I cut each piece of plywood exactly in half and then used my band saw to cut out the two half ovals.
The ovals are now attached leaving flat areas on the verticals to allow for drilling 1/2" inch holes to pass the LED strip through.
Generic Lycheers 16.4 Ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip, waterproof, 44 Button Controller + Remote and 12 Volt Power Supply Lights Lighting ideal for Chrismas, Party, Indoor/ Outdoor decoration
by Generic
Price: $27.49

Low power consumption, super bright LED flexible lighting strip
No mercury, UV, IR or other deleterious radiation
Long life up to 30,000 hours
Wireless controller and reciever, and power supply
LED Type: High Quality SMD5050 LED, high intensity and reliability

This is the LED kit I purchased from Amazon. I actually purchased 2 sets because I
needed more than 16' of LED light strip. You can buy more light strip separately but at this price I felt it couldn't hurt to have a second set of controls.
I drilled 1/2" holes through the center of the poplar uprights to pass the LED strip through. i drilled a second hole, 3/8" right above the 1/2" hole and then cut them through so that they are joined. It looks like a keyhole and allows the LED strip to be turned on it's side to pass through the hole when making the return run. It otherwise is difficult to thread through. Your first 16' of LED will run out and you will need to connect it to a second set to complete the run.

If you look close, you will note that I started at the left end and followed along the bottom oval, through the hole to the next oval and so on. At the last oval I came up the side and around the top oval and headed back until I was back at the beginning where I started.

Also, the LED strip has an adhesive backing to hold it in place. It is not very strong so in the end I stapled the LED strip to the plywood being very careful not to puncture the LED strip.

I glued and nailed 1/8" tempered masonite to the wooden frame to add strength but also to give me a nice smooth surface to apply the stripped wallpaper to.
All plugged in to test the lights, I hung one of the plaques on the frame to see if it was going to do what I wanted. Yep, it works!
Here is the finished frame wallpapered and installed. The first plaque is in place.
Lights up nice! The controller allows you to turn it on and off, remotely, and change the colors as well as animate the colors.
The room we chose used to be our daughters room. Once she had moved out (for the fifth time) we (I) decided to move quickly and change it into our Haunted Mansion Room.

When it was our daughters room, my wife had wallpapered it from floor to ceiling and she, evidently, never wanted it to come down. I scraped and scrubbed and used chemical strippers trying to remove that wallpaper but it was not giving up without a fight. After a week of getting nowhere, I went to Home Depot and bought a wallpaper steamer. Wish I had done that a week ago. The wallpaper came off in sheets!

Now I am ready to start construction.
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